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gaeapangaea's Journal

Gaea Pangaea
28 March
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acid rain, activism, adaptation, animal rights, animals, anti-poaching, bacteria, biochemistry, biodiversity, biologists, biology, biotechnology, boreal forests, botany, bugs, carbon, carnivores, cell biology, clean air, clean water, climate, climate change, climatology, cloud forests, conservation, deforestation, desertification, deserts, disturbance, diversity, earth, earth first!, earth sciences, earth spirituality, ecological field research, ecology, elements, endangered species, entomology, environmental awareness, environmental biology, environmental education, environmental issues, environmental science, environmental studies, environmentalism, enzymes, epa, ethnobotany, evolution, evolutionary biology, extinction, field work, forest ecology, forestry, forests, fungi, gaea, gaia, genetics, genetics research, geology, global warming, green, green chemistry, greenpeace, hawaii, herb lore, herbivores, homeopathy, hydrology, hypothesis, independant media, insects, invasive species, kauai, life sciences, marine biology, microbiology, molecular biology, molecules, mother earth, mountains, mushrooms, mycorrhizae, natural history, natural sciences, nature, nature photography, nitrogen, nuclear waste, nutrients, ocean pollution, oceanography, old growth, organic agriculture, organic chemistry, organic products, ornithology, oxygen, paleontology, pangaea, parasites, permaculture, plankton, plant pathology, plant propogation, plant taxonomy, plants, predation, preservation, radical environmentalism, rainforests, recycling, reforestation, renewable energy, save the rainforest, saving the environment, science students, snow, soil, succession, sunlight, sustainability, symbiosis, systems ecology, temperate forests, the biosphere, the earth, the environment, the global carbon cycle, the nitrogen cycle, the rainforest, thunder and lightening, titrations, topsoil, toxic waste, toxicology, tree huggers, trees, vegetarianism, volcanology, water, waterfalls, wildlife, wildlife biology, wolves, woodlands, woods, zoology